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The Caltech Beavers compete in 13 intercollegiate sports in the NCAA Division III's Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.Caltech is frequently cited as one of the world's best universities.

He joined Throop's board of trustees in 1907, and soon began developing it and the whole of Pasadena into a major scientific and cultural destination. Scherer persuaded retired businessman and trustee Charles W.

This institution, with its able investigators and excellent research laboratories, could be of great service in any broad scheme of cooperation.

President Scherer, hearing of the formation of the council, immediately offered to take part in its work, and with this object, he secured within three days an additional research endowment of one hundred thousand dollars.

Throop in 1891, the college attracted influential scientists such as George Ellery Hale, Arthur Amos Noyes and Robert Andrews Millikan in the early 20th century.

The vocational and preparatory schools were disbanded and spun off in 1910 and the college assumed its present name in 1921.

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Caltech alumni and faculty include 37 Nobel Laureates (Linus Pauling being the only individual in history to win two unshared prizes), 1 Fields Medalist, 6 Turing Award winners, 4 Chief Scientists of the U. Air Force and 71 have won the United States National Medal of Science or Technology.

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