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The fourth operationally configured helicopter was taken on strength by the Russian Air Force on 10 February 2011.Under the current State Defense Procurement Plan, Russian Armed Forces will receive 30 helicopters by 2012. Dmitry Petrov, general director of the holding company Russian Helicopters, stated that the manufacturer had signed a major contract with the Ministry of Defense.This resulted in a mere dozen Ka-50s delivered, instead of the planned several hundred to replace the Mil Mi-24.The "windows" evidently worked, as the first western reports of the aircraft were wildly inaccurate, to the point of some analysts even concluding its primary mission was as an air superiority aircraft for hunting and killing NATO attack helicopters.Kamov was forced to consider foreign analogues as a temporary replacement for domestic imaging systems because of their slow development.Trials led to two "final" versions: Ka-50N ("Nochnoy/Night") and Ka-50Sh ("Shar/Sphere", because of the spherical FLIR turret).Kamov decided to use side-by-side seating arrangement, due to the verified improvements in co-operation between the crew members. In comparison to the original Ka-50, it has a "softer" nose profile and a radar system with two antennas—mast-mounted for aerial targets and nose-mounted for ground targets.

Some of the imagers included in the trials were manufactured by the French SAGEM and Thomson companies.

It is currently manufactured by the Progress company in Arsenyev.

It is being used as a heavily armed scout helicopter.

This prompted Kamov's Designer General to choose a modified version of Ka-50 on which to install the recce and target designation system.

The modified "Black Shark" required a second crew member to operate the optronics/radar reconnaissance suite.

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During the late 1990s, Kamov and Israel Aerospace Industries developed a tandem-seat cockpit version, the Kamov Ka-50-2 "Erdogan", to compete in Turkey's attack helicopter competition.

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