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Experiment 2 examined whether the effect of naloxone on extinction in rats this age is centrally or peripherally mediated by using naloxone methiodide (which does not readily cross the blood-brain barrier).Ten minutes before extinction, P17 rats were injected with saline, naloxone, or naloxone methiodide.

Fear extinction has received considerable attention over the past decade because of its theoretical importance and its obvious clinical implications for the treatment of various anxiety disorders (Davis and Myers 2002).This finding is interesting because the importance of NMDA and GABA in extinction is mainly on the consolidation of extinction learning or the expression of extinction memory, respectively.Therefore, it may be the case that reducing NMDA and GABA activity in P17 rats has no effects on extinction because extinction at this age does not involve the consolidation or the expression of an extinction memory (e.g., extinction at this age may be erasure).Several recent studies report that neurotransmitters that are critically involved in extinction in adult rats are not important for extinction in young rats.Specifically, pretest injection of the γ-aminobutryic acid (GABA) receptor inverse agonist FG7142 has no effect on extinction in postnatal day (P)17 rats, although it reverses extinction in P24 rats as reported by Kim and Richardson in an earlier paper.

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