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By 1016, the French nobility had subscribed to a peace movement wanting a guarantee that peasants and clerics, their crops and animals, would not be interfered with.

The other side of the coin here was demonstrated when it began to be promoted that arms could be taken up legitimately against anyone breaking such a peace code.

The Capet family has domains in the Middle Seine area, including Paris.

Meantime in the high west of Mexico arose Aztecs, in 750AD, with chaos after destruction of Teotihuacan by barbarian invaders, circa 750AD, are a warlike people, the Toltecs, who created a new empire in Mexican highlands with capital Tula.997AD: Vikings, The English West Country is raided, notably Tavistock. 32ff.) 996AD: Islam, Spain, Moorish capture of city of Leon. In Africa, Al-Mansur's generals have victories in Mauretania.(Item from Historians' History of the World, 1907, Vol. 38ff.) 996-997AD: Otto III becomes (Holy Roman) Emperor. Robert II Capet (The Pious) is (associate) King of France.This people used metal tools, then later came a second wave of invaders, a Mexicanized tribe called the Itza, who went all over the Mayan homelands.And in 1224-1244AD they settled at new capitol, Chichen-Itza.

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