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Last night I went out on a date without using my wheelchair at all. A week before my accident, I had a moment I'll never forget.At the time I was working at a new job I absolutely loved.Just a brief note, that I had this operation , see and that it made a very big difference for me. I hate when people try hard to be politically correct or fake, I don't mind if someone refers me as a...

I dont allow my disability preventing me from indulging in my love of the outdoors and all terrain...The answer is: that walking is definitely worth it. Here’s what I learned: 1/ You have to have a low enough level of injury to make it medically possible. Gladly though I ran off the road and not into another car so no one else was injured. not working i cant able walking i soo dipressed i discide i going to home and one day i kill my day by day my mom carrying me and motivate me.after 3 year iam soo confident and i going to complit my dream.2/ You have to be in super shape before the accident. well im a 30male nwheelchair was shot nov 30th,2010 L1 incomplete paraplegic tattoo artist really new to all this just wanted to find a place where i could meet an speak to some people like new to this site i never been on any site like this so if you could... i want see my family happy my dad worried about my future but...And with premium subscriptions being the next big focus of news publishers, Facebook is listening and testing new subscription models in Instant Articles.By having wheelchair sex many couples are re-discovering sex after spinal cord injury.

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In many ways it has made me a better man I can now look at things in a totally different way.

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  1. Moments later they're in bed where in his drugged state he hallucinates that she is THREE bottomless vampire girls all sucking on him (and not just in the vampiric sense! I'm not sure this is actually the Willie Nelson song, since it's in French, but if not, he should probably sue.