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The device, called XStat Rapid Homeostasis System, was developed by Rev Medx.

Sponges are injected into the wound to stop the bleeding, and can later be removed safely once the victim has arrived at the hospital The image on the left shows the wound before treatment with the XStat.

Gemma is young and extremely attractive we want this guy Adam Mc Cormick to feel like we know he’s involved in something but we can’t pin anything on him.

Also the fact that our witness who survived that night ~ she is still listed as a Jane Doe that died later in the hospital ~ we still need to protect her.” Captain Stiller stood and rubbed his chin and thought for several moments and said, “Sounds good we’ll play it your way because of your first hand knowledge.

I would really like Gemma to do the interview first if this guy is a partner in a dance club he will respond to a younger attractive woman.

His organization from what I can tell, were kidnapping young pre-teen and teenage girls from myriad of countries.

They were moving illegal Mexicans across our southern border.

The last two years he’s set up and consolidated a major operation linking these countries into one cartel Brazil, Columbia and Peru probably setting up a new drug routes or a pipeline if you will.

Mind you he’s been able to do this all right under the noses of the Moretti crime family of New York City and appear like he is just one of the guys from the block if you know what I mean?

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