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In San Sebastian, where most prisoners in pretrial detention were held, 983 prisoners lived in unsanitary conditions in a facility with a capacity of 632.

To mitigate these conditions, some pretrial detainees were held together with convicted prisoners in long-term detention facilities throughout the country.

The San Sebastian, San Carlos, Cartago, Liberia, Perez Zeledon, Puntarenas, Limon, La Reforma, Gerardo Rodriguez, Buen Pastor, and Pococi prisons remained overcrowded at year's end, with the population in pretrial detention experiencing the most overcrowding.Arrest Procedures and Treatment While in Detention The law requires issuance of judicial warrants before making arrests, except where probable cause is evident to the arresting officer.The law entitles a detainee to a judicial determination of the legality of detention during arraignment before a judge within 24 hours of arrest.The Ombudsman's Office investigated all complaints and referred serious cases of abuse to the public prosecutor.Illegal narcotics were readily available in the prisons, and drug abuse was common. On December 15, the Justice Ministry's Social Adaptation Division reported a total population of 20,564 under its supervision (including 10,586 prisoners in closed regime centers, 1,049 persons required to spend nights and weekends in jail, 8,452 in supervised work programs requiring no jail time, and 477 juveniles) and indicated that on average prison populations exceeded designed capacity by 22 percent.

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The law provides for the right to post bail and prompt access to an attorney and to family members; authorities generally observed these rights in practice.

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