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Before debuting as a solo singer she was the vocalist for the band Loveholic until October 2007.

Prior to join Loveholic she was part of the underground band Boramanyeo.

Ji Sung’s character is a second generation cold chaebol who doesn’t believe in love until he meets the heroine played by Hwang Jung Eum. Apparently Hwang Jung Eum’s leading lady is a woman who takes the rap for the second male lead when he causes a traffic accident that kills a guy.

Gaseumi meomchujir anha, ibyeoreur malhagodo Handongan sarang haetjanha, ajikkkaji geureondeushande ?

Apeumi gasijir anha, dasi myeoc beoneur chamabwado Neo eoptneun haru haruga, neomu himideureo naege neoppuninde…

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