Isotopes used for radiological dating

The Canadian Government had joined forces with the United States and England in an effort to produce the first nuclear bombs. The United States needed uranium for their nuclear weapons program and Port Hope's radium facility was the most convenient place on the continent able to produce it.The problem they faced was that the supply lines for the uranium ore from the North West Territories had been down for several years and would take time to get going again.The project is being assessed through a Screening Level environmental assessment.This is the lowest level environmental assessment possible.In essence, the proponent (AECL) is assessing itself.This is not a prudent course of action for several reasons: Port Hope residents must have the highest level of assessment possible to ensure the protection of their health, safety and well-being. 232 Issue(s): Environmental assessment, human health/environmental health, natural resources, toxic substances, and waste management Petitioner(s): Pat Mc Namara Date Received: 4 January 2008 Status: Completed Summary: This petition concerns radioactive contamination and waste cleanup projects in Port Hope, Ontario.

The report states: "The site includes approximately 44 structures or activity areas.The structures that have been constructed since the 1960s should have been designed and constructed in compliance with one of the editions of the National Building Code.None of the structures were constructed in compliance with the edition of the National Building Code that was in effect at the time of the design and construction of the buildings".The United States Government sent 7000 tons of uranium ore to Port Hope to start up the facility.This ore had come from the Belgian Congo and had been stored in Manhattan since the collapse of the radium industry.

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