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The biggest thing to remember when trying to date a millionaire is that a woman most likely will be experiencing things she's never experienced before so get ready for the ride of a lifetime!It is important to remember that just because a person has substantial wealth, this in of itself does not inevitably make that person a gentleman.Fill out the application below and we’ll let you know if you’re accepted.

Stanger’s Simon & Schuster books, “Become Your Own Matchmaker,” “Find Your Match,” “Seal the Deal” and “Raise your Desirability Factor” and DVD “Married in a Year,” and audio coaching programs “The Single Girls Handbook” and “Attracting a Soul Mate,” have a loyal, devoted following, and continue to brand Patti as the ultimate “matchmaking expert.” She was a featured columnist on . Patti has a successful jewelry collection called Je’Taime, and you can hear Patti on her new podcast, “Patti Stanger’s The Love & Sex Report” on i Tunes.A woman should dress well, carry herself in a sophisticated manner and move with confidence.Proper etiquette is also something to be aware of when you want to date a millionaire or wealthy man, because many times you'll be in the company of other successful and affluent people so knowing how to act in public is a must.Wealth and prosperity can be obtained by numerous methods but culture can only be acquired by experience.It is the rare individual that possesses both of these characteristics and even rarer still is that very special someone who can assist others in their journey to attain experience and prosperity.

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