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Her legs spread wide from each other as well as her arms.

This was when I came into the room realising that my mom can't see I'm there.

"Mom, remember those friends of mine you told me to stay away from? Meet Dan, Troy and Cole." Dan was a black man that had a 11 inch dick.

Troy, another black friend had a 12 inch dick and Cole who was one of my white friends had a 8 inch dick. " "Son please no wait lets talk abou..." Troy stuck his dick in her mouth to silence her.

She then took a screengrab of the conversation and posted it on Twitter with the caption: 'WHO DID THIS TO MY INNOCENT MOTHER.' In less than two days, it's gone viral, racking up nearly 100,000 retweets and over 374,000 likes.

My colleagues undressed her and then put a blindfold on her tightly so that she wouldn't be able to see anything.

Her hands and legs were then tied up to make sure she couldn't move from the same place.

After finishing school, I moved out and did media studies in University. She mustn't have known that I owned this company because the last time we spoke was when I was 19. I quickly grabbed my phone and dialled my house number that was still in my head for some reason.

Since moving out, I had never talked to my mom as we despised each other that much. Now last month when I saw the list of woman who applied to be on my show, one name stood out. This person had the same name and age as my mom and I was shocked and curious to see if this was my actual mom. As it rang, I had a moment where I thought of letting this whole thing go through to see what happens.

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