Online dating scams for money

This includes inheritance scams, ‘Nigerian’ scams, money reclaim scams and other upfront payment or advanced fee fraud.

These scams ask you to: If you are the recipient of an unexpected money scam, you should report it to the ACORN.

The message will contain threats to kill you unless you send the hit man cash.

If you are the recipient of a threat or extortion scam, you should report it to the ACORN.

These are often contained in spam If you receive an email or SMS which looks like a scam, the best thing to do is delete it.

Many of these websites offer luxury items such as popular brands of clothing, jewellery and electronics at very low prices.He receives an email from an unknown person claiming to have locked down the database.The email asks for ,000 to be transferred to an offshore account for access to be restored.Ransomware and malware scams can involve harmful software being placed on your computer.This can give criminals access to your personal information, which may result in loss of data or prevent you from accessing your programs and files.

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