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is a historical movie about the love affair of the future Tsar Nicholas II with the ballet dancer Matilda Kschessinka.The film covers the time span from 1890 until 1896 and does not touch Nicholas II’s rule and his death, when, along with his family, he was killed by Bolsheviks in 1918.Some, like Diakon Kuraev, tried to find a way around it by arguing that the incidence had taken place in the week of Russian Carnival.The tragic dimension of the controversy and court trial following the group’s performance lay precisely in the alienation of those open-minded Orthodox believers who felt that, at the end of the day, maybe some criticism of close church-state relations was not entirely out of place.

Third, the memory of Tsar Nicholas II does not belong to Orthodox believers. Nor does the historical truth belong only to those who wish to remember it a certain way.

To repeat: Nicholas Romanov is not a saint because of the way he lived, but because of the way he died.

If you read Robert Massie’s excellent history , the execution scene will bring you to tears.

Personally, I would find it inappropriate, but not blasphemous, if an anti-Putin protester held up a sign inside the cathedral.

But if you watch the video, these three women acted in a manner that disrespected not Putin (who cares about that?

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