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Ironically, a subsequent cataloguing error made locating this bound collection difficult for Karl Wilson, a former Secretary and Treasurer to the Journal, who instigated a search in the 1970s (Wilson, 1978). In 1999, a more comprehensive collection of letters, financial accounts and overlapping sets of unbound Minutes covering the years 1888–1911 were discovered during an office clearout at University College, University of London and passed to me by Professor J. How they subsequently came to be at University College and then abandoned there is not known.The person responsible may have been Francis Wall Oliver, a member of the to Scott in 1922.A falling out between two of the founders in 1899 is highlighted since not only did this threaten the Journal’s future but also gives much insight into the personalities of those most closely involved in the Journal during its formative years.The article also examines the way the Journal was funded and how it dealt with its publisher (the University of Oxford’s Clarendon Press), turned itself into a registered company (the Annals of Botany Company) and coped with the travails of the First World War, currency inflation and the Great Depression.Two previously published short accounts and one more extensive account of the inception of the 170 handwritten Minutes, letters and related documents covering the years 1885–1897.The letters are all addressed to the founding editor Sir Isaac Bayley Balfour and it is therefore likely that it was Balfour who had sufficient sense of history in the making to preserve these documents.Plans to re-start the Journal as a New Series, beginning in 1937, are discussed in the context of the competition the had been published without a break for 125 years.In that time it has become not only the world’s oldest continuously published botanical title but one that has retained a high international standing despite the emergence of numerous popular and well-run competitors.

Content Emphasis is placed on the individuals who instigated, edited and managed the .

Despite being a youthful group (all but one were under 40), most were already establishment figures by 1887, e.g.

Fellows of the Royal Society (FRS) or directors/professors of prestigious establishments, while the others were soon to become so.

The archive at the Oxford University Press Museum still retains some letters and also relevant entries from the Press’s letter book and order book dating from 1887 to 1937 and also from the 1960s.

These were consulted whilst preparing this article, as was a set of unbound Minutes and letters covering the years 1904–1931 that have been in the possession of the Journal since at least 1978 and sometimes referred to as The Second Minute Book.

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The present article is the first of two that, together, look back over the Journal’s long history.

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