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Many patients today are getting a type of ICD that increases their risk for dangerous complications without providing clear benefits, a new study shows.

The role of may not be appropriate when other coexisting severe medical conditions that are expected to limit the patient’s life expectancy, including metastatic cancer or severe infection are present. In general, an You will be given an identification card by your device company; it is recommended that you keep this card with you, especially when you travel to the airport or visit a medical provider.You certainly don’t want anything to increase your odds of having to go through it a second an implantable battery-operated device (the “generator”), about the size of a pager, packed full of electrical circuitry with the sole function to monitor your heart’s own rhythm and to deliver a life-saving high-energy with synchronized ventricular contraction.Your physician will see you again typically 6 weeks after your implantation to examine the incision site and to confirm device programming. These symptoms range from anxiety to depression, with some patients experiencing “phantom” (perceived, but not real) shocks afterwards.Thereafter, expect to follow-up every 3-4 months to monitor the device function and the battery life. You may be startled and anxious after receiving an and a history of therapeutic shocks.

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