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Those unfamiliar with the series may feel the game is somewhat simplistic but there are surprising depths to the gameplay, which features the best aftertouch and headering in the genre.SWOS features a career mode that I always enjoyed back in the day, preferring it to Championship Manager as playing the matches made the career mode all the more involving.Graphically the game has undergone a facelift, the primary benefit being the addition of widescreen for those of us with HDTVs.I was worried the new graphics would ruin the classic feel of the game but they are for the most part subtle and do nothing other than enhance the experience.Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.

There’s a quickmatch mode where you can compete in an epic leaderboard but most inexcusably it’s possible to quit a match in the 89th minute to avoid defeat, which urgently needs fixing.

This Xbox Live Arcade release is effectively the original Amiga version of SWOS 96/97 ported directly without changing the gameplay, with Kuju responsible for updating the graphics, adding extra menus and netcode to allow multiplayer over XBL.

The new initial menu, which sits on top of the familiar SWOS interface, fits the style of the series perfectly and allows you to choose single player, multiplayer, change options and view achievements.

Push sending button when you see the distance sign.

You can tweet at starting point,each 3miles(or 5km) and goal point.

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