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The mysterious man who submits them to such crimes is known ...

See full summary » Stars: Edith González, Mario Moreno del Moral, Amairani, Rosángela Balbó A group of kids and teenagers with superpowers end up living on the same house uand have to hide their abilities from the rest of the world and pretend they are a family under the parents ...

See full synopsis » Stars: Soledad Pastorutti, Guido Kaczka, Alejandra Darín, Lali Espósito After performing for them with her band, a young, humble girl accidentally gets inside the life of a rich family of six siblings, and is welcomed by them, as she falls for their elder, authoritarian brother.

Stars: Fabio Di Tomaso, Paola Sallustro, Alberto Anchart, Zulma Faiad Nina Gomez, an young woman working at the Santei Huliana embasy, has her life turned around when the new ambassador and his 4 children arrive.

Her life change overnight when a wealthy woman offers Luna's parents a job in Argentina and also to pay an elite school for Luna....

Stars: Isabella Castillo, Andres Mercado, Sol Rodriguez, Rafael de la Fuente Yo Soy Franky follows the story of a teenage girl robot designed as though it were a real girl.

Maria Gabriela de Faria (Isa TKM, Grachi) stars as FRANKY.

To do that she chooses 6 humans and sends alies for each ...

See full summary » Stars: Pablo Martínez, Boy Olmi, Paula Reca, Oriana Sabatini Julia Albarracín (Lali Espósito) is a girl from La Merced, a small town.

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